Impurfekt -《思念》(In Loving Memory)[FLAC]

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Impurfekt.-.[In.Loving.Memory].專輯.(Flac).rar 261.01MB
專輯英文名: In Loving Memory
專輯中文名: 思念
藝術家: Impurfekt
資源格式: FLAC
發行時間: 2012年03月01日
地區: 美國
語言: 英語

我們被教導..對自己和世界的看法不是黑就是白。 要觀察,而不輪經驗。 要遵循而不是身體力行。
最後,我們不再生活, 我們隻是存在。
請記住自稱人類的你我 意味着知曉什麽是愛與恨。 要留下發現,不倫成果是成功和失敗。
impurfekt 的每一個努力。。都是爲了喚醒我們内心餘燼的餘火,望能新火相傳,聲聲不息。
Impurfekt是位于西雅圖 亞倫·拉塞爾發起的工作,該項目開始于2008年,以反映目的的創造 并得到聽衆的一緻好評。
影響最大的聲音impurfekt由藝術家如 天鵝絨酸性基督,嚴格保密,[:SITD:],大規模的攻擊,謎,倫敦未來之聲和作曲家邁克爾·卡門和山岡晃。
We are taught to view ourselves and our world in black and white. To observe instead of experience. To follow instead of feel. We no longer live. We simply exist. Shells of what we could be; our potential dormant beneath the status quo.
Remember what it means to be human. To love and to hate. To discover and leave behind. To succeed and fail.
With every effort impurfekt strives to stir the embers of the heart. To awaken the fire within. To ever be a reflection of the human state.
Impurfekt is the work of Aaron Russell. Located in Seattle, the project began in 2008 as a personal outlet and continues to reflect that purpose for creator and listener alike.
The sound of impurfekt is most influenced by artists such as Velvet Acid Christ, In Strict Confidence, [:SITD:], Massive Attack, Enigma, The Future Sound of London and composers Michael Kamen and Akira Yamaoka.
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Electro, Industrial, Ambient
LABEL...... Self-Released
MODE...... Stereo
our introductions were filled with anticipation
and guarded hope
with loneliness and abandonment
still lingering in our hearts
in time we became the closest of companions
learning and living
our love growing
i still picture you asleep at my side
wondering what you dream
too soon it ended
with you lying there
broken and breathing
unable to rise
with that look in your eyes
in my arms i held you tight
and spoke comfort
while i ran i felt you slipping
to a place i could not follow
and now i walk alone and remember you
and miss you
but i do not regret
released 01 March 2012
music and art by aaron russell
vocals by karra russell
remixes by lpf12, miktek and r.roo
01. Introductions [1:53]
02. Growing [3:43]
03. Dream [2:53]
04. That Look In Your Eyes [4:05]
05. Slipping [5:29]
06. Walk Alone [2:56]
07. Dream [Rmx By LPF12] [7:01]
08. Slipping [Rmx By Miktek] [4:16]
09. Walk Alone [Rmx By r.roo] [4:40]
10. B-Side Reel [13:15]
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